Fides et ratio

Faith and Reason

Understanding God's relationship with his people in the first account of Creation.

Understanding the fall of humanity in the second account of creation

Letter to a Grade 9 Boy or girl

- This is a chance to offer a piece of your wisdom and knowledge regarding relationships to a student in grade nine as they are about to enter high school. What do they have to know when it comes to relationships. what warnings or cautions do you have?
- This assignment should be at least one page (single spaced). 
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Unit Four - Relationships

New Testament Ethics. Click Here
old testament ethics & You are the prophet. Click Here
You are what you do and the analysis of good and bad choices in life. Click Here

unit three - Old and New Testament foundations for ethics

Creation Account Notes & Worksheet

Unit Two - Old testament foundation for ethics

Morality and the Religions of the World Assignment Click Here

Unit One - Morality and the religions of the World 

Religious Studies 35

Five Love Languages Videos